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Nigel Pilkington

Actor Writer Voiceover


  • Dying Breeds

    Mockumentary series about clinging onto the old ways, written by Nigel Pilkington and Peter Cragg

  • Fortune Tarot

    Radio comedy based on the writer’s real-life experience of working on a premium-rate telephone line doing tarot card readings

Short Films

  • That’s The Spirit

    Comedy sketch about a driving school, written and directed by Nigel Pilkington

  • Alone

    “What do you do when you’re alone?”

    Five monologues, written and performed by Nigel Pilkington

  • Stars In His Eyes?

    Mockumentary about a misguided look-alike artist, written by and starring Nigel Pilkington

  • Cross

    Short monologue about a woman’s relationship with her mother