Everywoman, Everyman, is fighting a hard battle.
The veneer should not invite sneer. The layers and rings contain life lived
Over time and space,
And in the space live the events which form the whole,
But for some, there is only the hole. The gap. The empty memories which were once so full
Of life being lived
But which now prevent that same living so wholesomely.

But by breathing space into the time and space, taking time, giving space,
And accepting the whole,
Can the hole heal from within,
For it was without,
That rot set in.
Yet within, the true space can be recovered.
Never forgotten nor deleted, but accepted into the hole
To become whole.

We build on the scars, the cliff-faces which are faced up to,
The facets of ourselves
Like segments of a sundial,
Casting shadows over parts of ourselves which need both light and shade to be truly seen.
There is no yin without yang; light without shade; Everyman without Everywoman.

So breathe it in, that space;
In time will become whole.
And then it can be told.
Told without shame, without blame.
Come rain,
Come shine,
The x-ray reveals the inner truth:
We are all hurt,
And we can all heal each other…
With space.
With time.
Every one of us.
Each and

With thanks to Rubyyy Jones